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If you haven’t seen all the excitement leading up to this giveaway (and is still ongoing, by the way), where have you been?!? Just kidding… In a nutshell, Akaawol has been working day and night on a fabulous and never-been-seen-before hand-knotted sling bag just so that he can give it away to a hopefully appreciative and deserving winner. About 100 skeins of embroidery floss and possibly a month of work will have gone into the bag by the time it’s complete, and anyone who’s been following his progress on Instagram will testify to just how amazing it’s turning out to be.

If you would like to check out other #notjustknots creations, from friendship bracelets to barefoot sandals and other bags that Akaawol has previously made, do check out the Carousell shop here (especially if you’re in Singapore) and on the web here as well, and feel free to make a purchase or get in touch if you would like to commission an item for yourself or as a gift.

Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. When THE BAG is finally completed, Akaawol will be handing it off to BC Hands, the person who has kindly sponsored the quality string that’s being used, to pick the person who will get to actually wear the bag. Please check out the hashtag #akaawol_bchands_giveaway on Instagram for photos that document what’s been going on.

And for everyone else who is here because YOU want to win the fabulous bag that is currently in the making, here is what you have to do to qualify:

(By the way, you may feel like we’re asking for a lot, but guess what, this is a huge giveaway - after all, this is the first of three bags that Akaawol has made that he’s willing to part with! - and we think it’s justified! If you don’t feel the same way, then please don’t feel obligated to join the contest and give those who really want to win it a better chance. If you’re one of those wonderful people, please read on!)

1. Follow @akaawol and @bc_hands on Instagram.

2. Like AKAAWOL.com and BC Hands at our respective Facebook pages.

3. Share one of these photos on your Instagram or Facebook account and tag BC Hands, Akaawol, as well as three of your friends whom you think would like to join the giveaway contest too.
  • description
  • description
  • description

4. Favourite the BC Hands Etsy Store. While you’re checking out the store, pick one of your favorite items in there, tag it as a favorite and then share it on one of your social networks (tagging BC Hands in it, of course).

One of those who aren’t lucky enough to win THE BAG will be chosen to enjoy free shipping when you purchase the item you tagged as your favorite in the BC Hands Etsy store!

5. Once you’ve completed all the above steps, come back to this webpage and let us know in the comments section below. For example, you can simply say “DONE!”

Another one of those who aren’t lucky enough to win THE BAG will be chosen to receive a #notjustknots friendship bracelet, also hand-knotted by Akaawol with string courtesy of BC Hands!

Terms & Conditions:
1. This giveaway draw is open to anyone from anywhere in the world who appreciates artisanal crafts and craftsmanship.
2. The winner and runners-up will be picked solely by the person behind BC Hands - the lovely Miss Heidy herself. Her decision is final and no further correspondence will be entertained.
3. The results of the giveaway will be published on the above-mentioned Instagram and Facebook accounts on a date that will be announced once THE BAG is completed. Please stay tuned for continued updates.
4. The lucky winners will be instructed to email us for verification purposes. If we do not receive this in a timely manner, a replacement winner will be selected.

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