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What is AKAAWOL.com?

What began as the ramblings of a former Detroiter now living in Singapore has since grown into a full-fledged site. Check out our forays into fascinating photography, recommendations of cool products and services, exclusive deals, and a dash of irreverent fun thrown in for good measure. It’s still the same old AKAAWOL.com you’ve come to know and love, just with a fresh new look and lots more to offer!

What are the sections about?

the Latest Scoop - Where you’ll find the most current content on this site, in reverse chronological order.

Shutter Bug - Everything to do with fascinating photography, keep up with what our cameras get up to.

Geeking Out - All about technology, from computers and the internet to gadgets and even watches.

the Finer Side - Appreciating the finer side of life, from music and culture to artistry and craftsmanship.

Reflections - Our thoughts rule our actions and in this section, we get a former Detroiter’s take on life since he relocated to Singapore.

Just for Fun - Combining a fun-loving attitude with an irreverent and often wicked sense of humour.

Chilli Padi’s corner - A little space that columnist Chilli Padi gets to call her very own slice of spice.

Selling Point - Exclusively for our readers, an array of special deals comprising only products and services that we have tried and tested.

Around Town - Sponsored endorsements of shops, companies and brands in Singapore and online that we love and think our readers will too.

AKAAWOL’s Events Calendar - Add our Google Calendar to yours and keep up with the coolest events going on here in sunny Singapore!

Yours Truly - You’re in it right now!

Get in Touch - Whether you’re an avid fan, a casual reader, a shopper, a potential business partner or an accidental ‘tourist’, find out how to contact us.

Who is the Team @ AKAAWOL.com?

Happy Kevin
Let’s begin with AWOL himself, also known as Kevin. AWOL is also the aforementioned former Detroiter now living in Singapore. He created this website way back in 1999, never imagining that it would one day take on this incarnation, much less from sunny Singapore.

AWOL is an ordinary guy who knows a little bit about a lot of things, but would never claim to know everything about anything. In fact he prefers to surround himself with people with the quality of knowing more than he does. He finds that people who claim to already know all there is to know on any given topic have nothing left but to defend their beliefs. They are no longer open to learning nor willing to listen to alternative points of view. He feels that such people should be avoided at all cost, seeing how much of his life was spent trying to help them see the light, only to discover it may have been easier to teach a pig to sing.

A geek by nature, AWOL enjoys computers and has since the early 80s. He also loves how technology has advanced since then. Researching anything under the sun has never been easier than now and with new things being developed all the time, he’s pretty sure the future will bring even more great discoveries.

AWOL also enjoys dabbling in craftwork. He does leather work, knits and has an amazing portfolio of intricate friendship bracelets like no other. He has as of recently developed two new hobbies - photography and playing a ukulele. Do visit the Shutter Bug and the the Finer Side sections to learn more about his learning journeys.

Oh, and AWOL is also happily married to Chilli Padi.

Chilli Padi
Speaking of...We move on to Chilli Padi, also known as Mandy. Chilli Padi is the reason that AWOL flew halfway across the world from Michigan to Singapore. Ever the supportive wife, Chilli Padi contributes both content and aesthetic touches to this site.

Chilli Padi goes by this moniker because she is exactly that, small but spicy. Although petite in stature, she has smarts and personality constantly threatening to burst out of the little package. This manifests most clearly when she spots any typos or printing errors. While she might benignly chuckle at a smartphone autocorrect screw up committed by friends or even herself, she draws - with an imaginary fat red marker - the line at those in print ads, newspapers, books and magazines, and is utterly disgusted whenever any educational or news authority is the culprit behind such offences.

A freelance feature writer by profession, Chilli Padi has written for several Singaporean publications spanning the realms of bridal, travel, hospitality, education, pets and parenting. She also offers her proofreading and editorial services for a small fee. Her love for the written word and her pursuit for its perfection can be seen in her column on this site. Do visit Chilli Padi’s corner to catch a glimpse of her works.

Chilli Padi also loves animals and children, having worked with both. She is a volunteer with local animal welfare groups and previously tutored children aged 4 to 14 in English and Mathematics for many years. She is also currently working with a kids academy specialising in enrichment programmes, adventure camps and sporting activities.

Oh, and yes, Chilli Padi is also happily married to AWOL.

Who are the other contributors?

Kevin Keys has been friends with AWOL since they were in the seventh grade.
Click here to learn more about him.