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In conversation over a late night snack with our buddies, the Vamps, we got to talking about a silly meme that had a reference to a line from the classic Queen song. Walking back home afterwards, the song was playing in my head and I said so. Of course, my hubby couldn’t resist serenading me with bits of the song, bringing forth bits of the original version, as well as another we both love. His entertaining performance as usual left me giggling and chuckling away. As a result, I was inspired to write a post and dedicate it to the late and very talented Freddie Mercury.

Here’s the aforementioned other version, courtesy of the very charming Muppets, one which I will probably never tire of because it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

While I was looking up that video, I came across another, starring Adam Lambert in concert in Kiev, Ukraine in June 2012...with the remaining members of Queen (Brian May still rocks on that guitar!), and featuring Freddie Mercury on the big screen. It was a great salute and I’m sure Freddie would be pleased with his equally flamboyant ‘successor’, just as I’m sure Adam was honoured to be singing with his idols.

And last, but of course not least, here is the man himself, from Live at Wembley ‘86. Still gives me the chills.

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