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beautiful day

It’s such a hot day. If only there was a breeze. Why can’t it be cooler out? I’m dying of heat! Sound familiar? Pretty much every Singaporean - and those living in the tropics or experiencing summer - would’ve said these words at some time or other. But AWOL and I shared a revelation yesterday. Rather than bitching about how terrible the weather is, if we chose to focus instead on how beautifully blue the sky is or how lovely the fluffy white clouds are, perhaps things will improve.

After all, every artist, apart for those who work purely for profit, toils for recognition and appreciation of his or her work, and then works even harder to produce even greater works of art. And what is God, if not the greatest artist of all time? So perhaps if we praised His handiwork, He would show us how much more beauty He is capable of. Makes sense? So we decide to test out our theory.

On our way to lunch today, walking across the carpark to our favourite coffeeshop, the sun was beating down on our heads. We looked at each other, looked up at the sky and AWOL said, “It’s gorgeous out! And there’s even a nice little breeze.” (It was a teeny tiny zephyr at best.) I replied, “I know, right? It’s lovely!” And would you believe it, the breeze kicked up and made the rest of the short walk quite pleasant. Now, you might say it’s a coincidence. But we couldn’t deny that it worked. We tried the experiment again a couple of times and it never failed!

We can’t say for sure it wasn’t a coincidence each time, and we can’t discount that it was a case of perspective, that perhaps just by choosing to focus on the good stuff, our minds blocked out the bad. Whatever it is, if by choosing to be more grateful and appreciative of the little blessings, we are rewarded with more, I’m game! Thank you, God*!

*While my faith is in the Christian God, this post isn’t meant to be discriminatory. I’m sure your God would love the praise and recognition, no matter what religion you choose. Atheists and agnostics might have to define your own source of the artistic genius who governs this earth.

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