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National Day 2013 Approaches

Edit: A really belated post, considering that I wrote this the same day the photos were taken, which was Monday, July 19th, 2013. But seeing how we’re heading into National Day in a couple days’ time, it may be perfect timing after all.

National Day is celebrated on August 9th in Singapore, to commemorate the day in 1965 when Singapore became a country in its own right. And every year, Singaporeans all over the island hang out the red and white flag with its crescent moon and stars to show their patriotism, and to express solidarity in celebrating this special holiday. Since many of us live in blocks of flats, you’ll often see columns and rows of flags in the weeks leading up to the date until the end of August.

Chomping on the bit to get the flag hung out ‘in time’, my darling American hubby hounds my mother to dig the flag out of wherever she had stashed it after it had been taken down last year. Mind you, we weren’t even into the third week of July yet. When she finally got around to producing it, I watched in amusement as he gleefully bounded off to unlock the window grilles to facilitate the momentous occasion.

And then rushed downstairs with my camera to take these shots.
Singapore flagSingapore flag

Perhaps the most patriotic pseudo-Singaporean ever. I love my hubby. He loves my country.
Singapore flag

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