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Our Labours of Love

There are many things I love doing. I love to read, write, Google, chat, laugh, enjoy a nice cup of tea, listen to music, watch sports, hang out with good friends, walk in the park...the list goes on. But there is nothing I love more in life than the time I spend with my hubby. Especially when you consider that spending time with him can mean doing all the things I just listed above (and more), but with the benefit of doing it all with the person I love most in the world!

Spending time with him often means going on adventures together, watching him bring a project to fruition, often putting in long hours of hard work, yet enjoying it because he’s doing what he loves. And that gives me joy. Don’t misunderstand; I’m not just there to be a supportive wife; that’s just a happy incentive. I’m also thoroughly enjoying these experiences and gaining much myself along the way.

Sometimes, I bring my little point-and-shoot camera with me because it’s fun to get my own perspective on things. And sometimes, often unbeknownst to my busy boy who’s engrossed in his own objectives, those perspectives include behind-the-scenes shots of him. And these too, give me much joy…

shooting wildflowers at Punggol Promenade
Here he is taking macro shots of a field of wildflowers at Punggol Promenade. In the background is our buddy Vincent, also with the same goal in mind.

setting up the shot at Xtreme SkatePark @ East Coast
Over at the Xtreme SkatePark @ East Coast, he is looking at the angles to set up a shot for steel wool photography.

braving the haze at Marina Bay Sands waterfront
During the worst of the haze that enveloped Singapore, he braved the hazardous air to get newsworthy shots along the waterfront at Marina Bay Sands.

braving the haze outside Louis Vuitton Island Maison
Trying to get a different perspective on that same haze day. As you can see, he was not the only photographer out that day. The other guy also had a face mask and a bridal couple in tow.

Gardens by the Bay East with the Singapore Flyer in shot
August is always an exciting time, leading up to Singapore’s National Day. Here, from this vantage point of Gardens by the Bay East, he prepares to capture fireworks with his makeshift prop of a mini-flag in the foreground. Creativity knows no bounds!

Baby Milo photoshoot at Lower Seletar Reservoir
While waiting for the sunset to happen at Lower Seletar Reservoir, he busies himself with shooting Baby Milo in the act of climbing trees.

Getting shots of performers at Sentosa Buskers Festival 2013
We’re both big fans of live music and love to support local musicians, and here he is camping out to capture shots of the very talented Eileen Chai, Singapore’s first live looping violinist, at the Sentosa Buskers Festival 2013.

It’s not all work and no play, though. There are moments when my unknowing subject suddenly realises that the photographer had become the photographed. And we all get a few laughs. Yup, these moments definitely make my day...

photography gags at Punggol Promenade
As you can see, our friend Penny now becomes the butt of the joke. We love you, Penny! Don’t you just love false perspective photography?

taking a break at Xtreme SkatePark @ East Coast
Caught in the act of kicking back and taking a break during a photoshoot at the Xtreme SkatePark @ East Coast.

Then there are those times where I persuade the photographer to switch up and become my model. Sometimes he’s reluctant, but he almost always indulges me. I love you, hunnie!

giant tree at Singapore Botanic Gardens dwarfs the big guy
There is no better way to show how huge this heritage tree at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is than by putting a 6’4” guy in the shot as a yardstick. Doesn’t he look tiny in comparison?

test shot of AWOL
I was playing videographer that day, working the camera to get the bits he needed to create a collaborative how-to video on steel wool photography. This was the test shot before we began.

at the Sentosa Buskers Festival 2013
He gets his moment in the limelight as we’re waiting for the professional buskers to start their gig. While I shot this, it was off his camera and all credit goes to him for making the colours pop in post-processing.

From this post, I’m sure there is no doubt that his labours of love are also mine. And yes, they definitely also give me (and him) much joy. May it never cease.

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