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So it began as a pretty ordinary day. Did a bunch of work, had dinner, then at about 9.30 p.m., got a text from our buddies, Vincent and Penny, to meet them for kopi (coffee) - tea for me - at the coffeeshop across from us. We had a lovely time chatting and I got to play with their overgrown puppy, Asher, which I had helped rescue from the park a couple months back.
mongrel puppy

A couple hours later, we said our goodnights and started across the carpark for home. And then I looked up.

And saw this.
mid-autumn full moon

Wondering if we could capture the phenomenon on our cameras, Awol ran back to get both cameras and tripods. These are a couple more shots I managed to get, even while neighbours going by first looked at us like we were mad, before looking up to see what it was we were trying to catch. They were pretty amazed by it too.
mid-autumn full moon
mid-autumn full moon

When we got home just before midnight, I showed my mom what I had caught on my camera and she too said that she had never seen such a thing. Awol unlocked the window grilles so she could witness it for herself. And we all agreed that the full moon on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month was indeed in a class of its own.

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