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Solving the Peugeot Mystery

Peugeot logo

The usual two-minute jaunt home from the coffeeshop after our nightcap a few nights ago produced a chuckle or two. A couple months ago, my helpful hubby with his usual magpie talents had picked up a car key in the carpark. Seeing how it was imprinted with the Peugeot logo and it was on the ground by the passenger door of a silver Peugeot minivan, it obviously belonged to the owner of that vehicle. Not knowing how to return it, he decided that the best course of action was to stick it in the keyhole of the driver's door and hope that no one else (especially anyone with dishonourable intentions) but its rightful owner would notice.

Peugeot minivan

Despite seeing the same vehicle in the carpark almost daily since, we'd never had the chance to meet its owner until that night. Although I have to admit to chuckling each time we saw it, imagining how confused yet relieved its owner must’ve been upon finding the key in the keyhole, probably after panicking over its initial loss.

Anyhow, the silver Peugeot was pulling into its standard lot when we were heading home, and of course, Awol couldn’t resist stopping to wait. It was an older 'uncle' who was absolutely befuddled when this tall ‘angmoh’ (Caucasian) approached him after he stepped out of his car. Here’s how the conversation went:

Awol: Hey, did you lose your keys one night and find it in the door the next morning?

Uncle: Huh?

Awol: Was it you who lost your keys one night and found it in the door the next morning?

Uncle: Huh? What?

Awol: You lost your car keys a couple months ago? And found it in the driver’s door the next morning?

Uncle: Ohhh...it was you???

Awol: Yeah.

Uncle: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Watching the light dawn on the old guy was almost too cute. I imagined how he would go home excitedly to tell his wife the story and how he could finally have a good night’s rest now that the mystery was solved after all this time. And yes, the legend of the tall, bald American continues to grow in these parts….

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