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Miss Bean

Let’s face it. As much as I think lush greenery, towering trees and delicate blossoms are nature’s works of art, I’m not much of a plant person myself (might have something to do with the worms that seem to come hand in hand with them). I’m happier going out to the parks to admire them, rather than actually doing any gardening at home. Although some years ago, I did make an exception.

According to the date stamps (which I had intentionally switched on so as to be able to document the growth of the plant), it was about nine years ago that I nurtured a plant from seed. Well, kinda. At the time, there was this cute (or silly) fad going around, where you could buy a ‘magic bean’ in a can, pull the tab, add water and watch the plant grow. It was a pretty popular gift, especially when part of the gimmick was what appeared to be laser carved words or pictures on the seed that would reveal itself to the recipient as the seedling grew. Which was exactly what happened with mine, a birthday gift from my bestie.

magic bean plant magic bean seedling closeup
These are the earliest pictures I have of Miss Bean in her little pink can, as well of a close-up of her budding leaves. As you can see, it was March 1st, 2005. I had a little HP digital camera at the time that came in pretty handy for this project. Its macro function wasn’t even half bad!

magic bean carved magic bean carved
Two close-up shots of the seed leaves to show the ‘engraving’ on them, obviously inverted photos to get them to show the right way up.

magic bean seedling
By the next day, those little leaves had already begun to spread wide.

magic bean seedling grows
And by March 5th, it had grown so much that I had to find a new home for Miss Bean, next to the window grille so that it could find some support to climb on.

magic bean seedling grows magic bean shrivelled
And climb it did! Which you can see from the photo taken on March 7th, followed by one of the seed leaves beginning to shrivel up.

magic bean seedling climbing magic bean seedling climbing
A week after that, it had pretty much reached the top of the window! These were taken March 15th.

magic bean seedling growing
By March 23rd, Miss Bean had shoots growing from shoots in all directions.

magic bean seedling growing magic bean seedling tendril
Then came April 4th, and Miss Bean was seriously going all over the place. And how adorable was that little tendril?

magic bean seedling leaf front magic bean seedling leaf back
Some of the many macro shots I took of the lush green leaves along the way, fascinated by the patterns of the veins, both on the front and back.

magic bean seedling growing magic bean seedling with lamp
Pretty much the last couple of shots I have of the whole project. I honestly cannot tell you what happened to Miss Bean after that because I truly don’t remember! The best I can tell you is that she was never repotted like she probably should’ve been and most likely ran out of nutrients and eventually shrivelled up and died.

Sorry, Miss Bean. But consider this a tribute to what was a lovely little ‘Happy Birthday’ magic bean plant back in 2005. Rather silly it seems now, but it surely represented a period in my life when things were utterly different from how things are today.

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