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Sentosa's Ukulele Groove (3rd)

In case you missed it, the Ukulele Groove event at Sentosa’s Merlion Plaza was this last Saturday and it was awesome! I do have to apologize for the late heads up for anyone following me on Facebook. We had only received the news about 2 weeks prior and couldn't find the poster or details till about a week ago. I am working with the directors of the event to be sure to give everyone time to plan for the next one.

So in case you had missed it (and here is where I rub in what an awesome time you would’ve had), there were awesome performers like those from
The Music Lab
RJ & Viv
and Bevlyn & Friends.
Somehow we missed getting a shot of The Music Lab (sorry!), but here are the others from later in the evening.

There were other ‘open mike’ performances from some really talented kids who were awesome and naturally drew lots of applause!

Check out all the people that turned out! With food, drinks and music to enjoy, everyone seemed to be having a blast.

As day turned into night, the guys from The Music Lab gave a little workshop on how to play the uke. I sat with mine and did my best to keep up!

Before the closing number there was a quartet made up of multi-talented Mervyn Goh, who was also the event emcee, Alan Soo, a great guy from Ukulele Movement, Roy Dragon from The Music Lab and Affendi, a great local vocalist.

But perhaps the biggest highlight for me wasn't me being on stage myself, but rather my ukulele, Sue! Her sexy red solid body was showcased by RJ and he just rocked out on it with his rendition of ‘Wipeout!’ from the Beach Boys. Thanks again, RJ!

If you didn't catch me at the event, that's ok. The National Day sale on this uke (available in red, black and white) is going on until the end of the month at Shop @ AKAAWOL.com. It’s a special $48 off plus free shipping in Singapore (use the voucher code: ND2013) and quite honestly a steal, so don’t miss out!

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