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The Best Treatment Is Prevention Part Two

Spent the day busting ass to clean up the home office. I moved furniture, swept, mopped and accomplished so much. I tell you this not because I'm complaining. On the contrary, it's because awhile back this would have put me out of commission for ages as I'd have been in pain due to my back. I am here to say I feel fine. Ok I'm tired, naturally, but there's no pain.

I have to thank Dr William Suh from the Singapore Bone and Joint Clinic and the stretching exercises he taught me. It really has improved my quality of life, well other than the getting to do the cleaning now that I have no more excuses, that is.

By the way, I've been meaning to write this follow-up post to an earlier one about my visit to Dr Suh for quite awhile now, but kept forgetting. It's ironic, considering how the lack of pain in the last seven months (never could go more than a month pain-free before this!) is the precise reason I've kept from remembering about it in the first place!

On another note regarding my health... My sinuses would normally have gone crazy from cleaning and dusting but is now under control due to the supplements I take daily. Quercetin (I was recommended this one with bromelain) is a real godsend if you regularly suffer from allergies, in particular one that causes a runny nose that leads to sinus infections.

Look I'm a simple average guy with lots of readers who might benefit from my personal experience. So that's why I am sharing this part of my personal life here. Hopefully you're doing great and didn't need this. If it was useful, awesome! I'm going to try and rest now. Later!

Editor’s note: Dr Suh seems to have closed his clinic here in Singapore since the last time we visited. Dr Suh, if you see this, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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