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For more than 20 years I've felt a nagging concerned feeling over not finishing what I started. I can't say exactly when I started it, perhaps because it was so long ago or perhaps because it didn't seem so significant at the time. So what is it that's been nagging at me? A book. A book I started, got about a third of the way in and for some unknown reason had set down. Perhaps returned to the library. But whatever it was, I simply never knew how it ended.

After all this time, I looked up this book and finally found it. It was Ariel by Steven R. Boyett. I can't really say what drove me to look it up after all these years, but I knew I just had to. I also have to say I wasn't disappointed. Well, perhaps just a little. It did end rather abruptly and sooner than I would have liked. But hey, that’s what a good book will do to you, right? We hope that the pages keep flipping, that they never end.

Written in 1983, Ariel was Boyett’s first novel. It was about a guy who had lived through the 'Change' where magic had become real and things like cars, electricity and the ability to use guns had become a thing of the past. He befriends a unicorn and without intending to sets out on an adventure. The story has pretty much stood the test of time, with its magic spell on the reader only diminished due to the references to the still-standing twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. But that aside, it was a provocative read of a boy becoming a man and what he must go through for friendship and honor.

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