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What happened? Did AWOL live up to his name and go absent without leave? Nope, I'm still here and true to form, I found a project that kept my complete attention for the past week. After talking to Tian of the Ukulele Girls about the idea of having a cheap ukulele to just take with you everywhere you go and her confirming this as a good idea, I decided to look for one. Then like some great mystic cosmic blessing, a uke came up on Craigslist for S$22. A phone call and a train ride later and I had become an owner of my third ukulele. It was a little plain blue soprano, but I had big ideas for this little guy. So this last week I picked up some acrylic paints and had a go at dressing it up.

Well, I was excited and with that had no patience at all. Though I rushed to finish it (and it shows), I'm happy with the results. I may have wanted perfection, but having no experience with painting something like this before I was realistic in knowing that there may be a few flaws. Well I'm particular about mistakes and can say there are more than a few flaws, many created by my haste, but this is all ok with me for a couple good reasons. One, if I had gotten it perfect without practice. I'd fail to realise the quality of the craftsmanship done by people who make this kind of work look easy. Their years of experience is what makes them capable of getting it right and worth the expense. If that's what matters to you most, then by all means you should pay them for their work. Next, it's mine and the work on it also mine. I learned a lot from trying to do it myself and can avoid many of the mistakes should I embark on this sort of work again in the future. Those sort of lessons are best learned firsthand as you can see the effects of everything you have done.

So is it perfect? No.

Is it beautiful? Hell, yes!

Just sitting with friends at the coffeeshop playing different little riffs today brought me such great joy. And it brings me closer to having the skills and confidence to play more openly.

By the way… any guesses on why I've named this ukulele 'Rose'?

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