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Teach a Life, for Life ~ by Eileen Chai

This article is courtesy of guest writer Eileen Chai, a beautiful person both inside and out, now with a beautiful endeavour that AKAAWOL.com is proud to be a part of. Together, we would like to invite you to join in this movement as well.

I was a national athlete in gymnastics, athletics and springboard diving. And now a violin teacher and performer.

To achieve our dreams and aspirations, like you and me, we put in the time and effort, dedication and commitment to move closer to our mountain. Through that journey we discover ourselves and learn from our life lessons.

I’m penning my first book, Teach a Life, for Life. The book is about self-exploration and discovery, and finding our path in life. It is about who we are and what we have learnt from our past to make good for the present and the future, as well as appreciating our gifts and personal journey. It is never a smooth-sailing journey when it comes to reaching our goals in life. One has to be mentally and physically prepared for the hurdles ahead.

The book, together with an original song, live looped on the violin, with vocals, will be published and released, respectively on Saturday, 7 June 2014.

With the dawn of this book and music project, came a movement called, Teach a Life, for Life. This movement encourages people from all walks of life to share and pass forward their life lessons learned to better the lives of others.

With your experience, reflections and life lessons learned, would you be able to share your stories with your friends, pass them forward and help make their lives a little better?

You can be part of and own this movement through a pledge here. And you will be invited to the launch event as well.

Let me know your thoughts, questions, and if you can attend the launch. Connect with me on Facebook.

Thank you.

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