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When I said I'd help teach how to make bracelets, I knew it might be a challenge. But what I can do with knots simply comes natural to me and getting that onto paper…well, not so much. I've taken a bunch of time and possibly killed a few reluctant brain cells working it out, but I've finished creating a pattern to explain how I had the multicolored pattern of the bag I nicknamed Rapunzel.

Click image to see it even larger!

So now to explain some bits. If you made this just as it is shown, there would be 16 colors that would make a round bracelet that's kinda small. (If you make one, I'll gladly post it with credits to you and share where my readership can buy your creations, if you like.)

There are some subtle things going on here that I actually do. Now explaining this bit without pointing and having the ability to do the things I'd do if I were speaking to you in person are not so easy, but I'll try. If you break this down into four distinct color groups with each group having four colors, two are on the top and two on the bottom. Of the top two, there has to be an overlap where they come together. In the middle you see the black over the green and to the right, the green over the black. Those are the knots that join each pair of pieces together. For me I choose a direction and stick to it. On the bag Rapunzel, all overlaps go to the left (inspired by a bell in a Buddhist temple). On other works, the rows switch up, like top row left and the bottom row right (as in this example).

Now once you grasp that last bit, here is the next thing I do. See the dot in the center of the ones on the top? The left one is blue inside the green design and the golden dot is in the one to the right. Those colors are coming from the right side, so it's like the overlapping part is sort of pointing where the center knot will come from. The bottom row is going in the other direction. See it? Now I know this attention to detail isn't necessary. You are free to do it as you see fit, but for me…this is the way it's done, because attention to detail makes it beautiful.

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