Website Under Construction


Was working on updates to the site for a week. Tweaking bits here and there, making adjustments for ads and other new features. Just as I was tidying up, my good friends and wife all got talking about how to make the site even better.

Now I think I’ve done a good job making this site something to be proud of since 1999 but these new ideas warranted a massive undertaking. For starters, a brand spanking new look! Then there’ll be a shopping area for deals from local retailers wanting to take advantage of all the new readership I’m getting. There is a new special mailer program added for notifying about the more amazing posts as well as exclusive offers. There are of course all the other fun bits that regulars have come to expect, just an easier layout to make finding your favorites a cinch. I’m also adding more things like product and service reviews.

You may find some bits still under construction but all the loose ends should be tied up shortly. In the meanwhile, I hope you like what you see.

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