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Long Live Open Source!


Gimp may well become the favored choice as Adobe makes its ambitious move into their lofty Creative Cloud). I’ve spoken with a series of avid Adobe users regarding the Creative Suite becoming a monthly subscription and no longer having support for the CS6, and there are a lot of mixed feelings. Some say they will just continue with the software they have, others say they may give this new system a try but those people seem to be more the professionals that require the tools for work.

Then there are those like myself, who just want to manipulate our photos and do a bit of work, those who could never justify the $10-$50 per month subscription. I fortunately adopted open source solutions ages ago and enjoy Gimp, Darktable and other powerful software on a Linux system that cost nothing. I’d rather use this free software than a pirated version of Adobe as it’s in my opinion just as good a product and I’m not breaking any laws.

With Linux being a free operating system that can make your old PC run better than you might have imagined to all the new computers that are now offering Linux as an alternative to the other well-known operating systems, there are options galore. Even Dell has gotten wise and offers Linux machines. Oh and you don’t have to be a computer know-it-all any longer to get and use these applications either.

So Adobe wants a monthly income and help keep their stuff safe from the pirates. You have a choice. Pay up or own your software free of charge. If you really enjoy the free-dom, you can donate to its developers to help with its improvements. So as we say rest in peace to Adobe CS, I say long live open source!

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