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What Will Your Computer Say?

What do you expect from a company named Nuance? Ok, so they have a lot of really useful tools, but I found one that's well... Well, it’s about turning text into voice, and it’s hilarious! Vocaliser 5 for network gives you all kinds of accents to play with too. Now I know this is really more a simple waste of time for the most part, but I’m thinking some people could really use this thing.

Like some people who make awesome tutorials on YouTube but their voice is damn painful to listen to. Perhaps there is more it could do, and my imagination is not picking up on something practical at the moment. Regardless, you really have got to play with this and see how much fun it is! Oh by the way, it’s built in Flash so you may need to be on a computer rather than your phone to try it out. But do give it a shot and drop me a comment of what the funniest thing was that you got it to say.

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