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Microsoft Acquires Nokia: Are They Doing A Pepsi?

Well, I guess it's a bit of old news by now that Microsoft is looking to buy up Nokia's handset division. Seems like a great move to some, seeing how this might make MS more in line with Apple when it comes to smartphones. And let’s face it, even back when I was selling cell phones for a living, Nokia was in decline and any phones carrying MS software was lagging behind the competitors in features and speed. So here these two giants can team up and perhaps make a great product.

But I see problems in this. Of course I'd have my own take, or why bother writing this post, right? Well, does anyone besides me remember when Burger King featured Pepsi products before switching to Coca Cola? Do you recall why? For those who don't, let me remind you that Pepsi decided to get into the food business with Pizza Hut, and then Taco Bell shortly after. So it was in Burger King’s interest to not fund a competitor in the fast-food market. Burger King wasn't the only one to make the change. Most of the smaller restaurants I went to all became Coca Cola sellers and as a result, helped make Coke a much bigger brand.

So what did my little history lesson teach us? Well, it seems there was a lesson to be learned there and given that there are only a few manufacturers actually making Windows phones left, including Nokia and HTC. Now why would HTC continue making Windows phones when it will only help pad the pocket of its new competitor? This will most likely mean that HTC will spin out its sleek designs with an Android-based system and the market will have Apple, MS/Nokia and any others like Samsung will have Android.

Not bad for me since I prefer Android phones, but it doesn't seem to make sense for a business to put all its eggs in one basket unless it can dominate the way Apple once did. I did say that in the past tense because where I once saw mostly iPhones in everyone’s hands as I took public transit, now it seems everyone is sporting a Samsung or other Android device. With MS so late in the game, does it really think it can muscle in the market with its own makings now that the leaders have such a mass following? I doubt it since Microsoft still can't seem to figure out how to build a computer system that people are happy with. That's my opinion. What's yours? Leave your comments below.

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