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Light Metering The New Old-Fashioned Way

Hey photographers, I've found a free app for your mobile device that is really a great way to get that shot. It's called LightMeter and it's exactly that. It has a very retro style and simplicity about it. Yet I'm finding it just the thing I need when it comes to using a pinhole lens on my camera. You see, the lens I’m playing with is a f/97 and so dark that you’re not going to see much on the display of your digital camera unless it’s a damn bright daytime. So using the phone’s camera, this app can tell you about the amount of light on the subject you’re trying to get. Then a little bit of math and presto! You’ve got the shot.

It is also helpful if you know what kind of shot you’re going for. Like what f-stop you could use for a long exposure. Or what ISO for a faster shot. Basically, when you’re doing any other form of analog photography where you don’t have the benefit of your digital camera doing all the calculations for you, it is an utter godsend.

Best part? Unlike most photography apps out there, this helpful little gem is free. So whether you are a professional or just learning about photography, you can have the tool that was once common amongst the professional photographers. Get LightMeter at the Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple iTunes Store for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored review, ok? I just came across an app that I love (I’m using it on my Android phone) and thought I’d share. Hope it works for you and if you find any other app that you love, do share it with me too!

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