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The Brick Is Back!

Before moving to Singapore I had been working selling phones. So I know something about features people look for and how there are some things overlooked by the phone makers that well, I might have found the answer to.

Our common problem was that smarter and smarter phones were being released and the elderly and less tech-savvy people were getting increasingly frustrated. Many just wanted a phone for emergencies and nothing more. They hated the touch screens and short battery life. Or that the menus went on and on because the devices were capable of doing so much.

Well, someone came up with a phone that might be the answer for these people. With one to three months of standby power, they won't have to worry so much about missing calls. There’s a speakerphone via built-in speakers which also allow you to play music via Bluetooth, SD card or even FM radio. It also has a flashlight built in. Its retro 90s look might make it seem like a hipster thing, but perhaps it will help mom quit complaining over how she loses her phone because it's so small.

It can text and all, as well as even play the Snake game (who hasn't just loved that game). And it can also be used as a Bluetooth device though I hardly see how that makes life much better than allowing a hipster to keep his smartphone and use the Brick for show when talking on the phone.

So perhaps this could kick off a new trend that I'd personally welcome. I'd have taken a thicker phone if only its battery life could get me through a day of doing whatever I want. As it currently stands, a little checking of email or FB statuses and I don't even get eight hours of use. So if you're listening, Samsung, I'd like a phone with all the bells and whistles but a really long battery life. In the meantime I'll be showing this one to all those people who aren't obsessed with checking their emails like I am.

Check it out here: The Brick

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