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Dreaded Intentions

Hey readers! Today is the start of a much dreaded project. My intentions are to clear my computer of all the photos I've taken. So what does that mean for you? A lot more posts as I sort, write and transfer all my work to the AKAAWOL.com servers for storage.

Other shutterbugs may want to take note as to how I have set up this system of mine. Because I post about my outings, I can easily find just about anything even if it means using Google to locate the page. All the images you see on any given page may not be all the photos I took while I was out. As well as keeping in mind that the ones on the page have been shrunk down to optimise the load time it takes for that webpage. So each post is a pointer to where I have stored my photos should I decide later that I wish to print a photo or find someone who wished to purchase a high-res copy.

I use DotEasy for my server because they are reliable and affordable. With options for unlimited space as well as scripts to load a variety of popular CMS (content management systems). So even a beginner could start taking advantage of their service. Ok there might be a bit of a learning curve, but they also have a members section with how-tos and a great staff that you can ask questions of.

So here's to the barrage of posts that will highlight things done awhile back but somehow failed to get posted in a timely manner. Be sure to stop by regularly and see what's new, share with your friends, and leave comments.

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