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BikeShops Go Where Review

So if you have been paying attention to our recent posts as well as our FB page, you will have noticed that we have been enjoying our bike adventures. Well, after posting a video of one of our trips, an app developer got in touch and recommended his app. It's a bike shop locator for the Singapore and Malaysia areas.

The app is called "BikeShops Go Where" (formerly "PomChek Go Where"). The name "pomchek" or rather "pancit" means flat tire in Malay. So "pomchek go where" means "where you should go when you meet with a flat tire situation". But it looks like that was simplified for us limited to English speaking.

Now why would we need such an app and why not just use Google? Well, as Tuck Sing Lee puts it, "I love cycling and there are times when I’d gotten a flat tire on the road and I need to find the nearest bike-shop available, otherwise it would be expensive cab fare for me. Yes, I can certainly Google but when I try, it does not return me all the bike-shops listing available in Singapore. Plus even if there is one bike-shop location returned to me, it might not be the nearest. So I decided that I would build a simple location app myself that helps me find nearest bike-shops in Singapore and hopefully someone else would find this useful too."

I agree with him that most small shops are not working on getting listed with Google or making it easy to find their websites. No, we haven't needed to use the app yet and kinda personally hoping that we never do. But I must say I feel a little better knowing that it's installed and there if the case should arise that we do. A few test goes of it found that it was intuitive and maps out the shortest route to get to a shop. That would be really important if you're pushing your bike with a flat tire for sure.

Click this link to get it from iTunes for free.

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