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Google Keep, Why Didn't I Know Sooner?

I'm a geek who uses the technology at my disposal to my advantage whenever possible. So why is it a year after the launch that I'm only now learning about Google Keep? Somehow this slipped under my radar and that's odd because it’s the sort of app I've been looking for. In today’s world, we have a long list of things to do or that we would like to get done. Sometimes we think of these ideas at work, at home while playing on the computer or if we are out, we typically have our smartphones. Perfect! Now we can put this connected lifestyle to work for us.

Of course this all starts with your Google account. I'm guessing most people have made one because Gmail is such a great service. With that of course you have Google Drive, a place that hold documents and spreadsheets. Google Keep falls in with these as a place to keep what looks like post-it notes. These notes can also come with reminders should the task have a deadline or say a reminder to meet that friend for lunch. You can type it in or record your voice, great for people like me who think and speak faster than they can type.

Adding the app to your phone will require you to have Android version 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. I couldn't find it for iOS, but I guess you could use it in a browser. Score one for Android users. If you use a Microsoft-based PC, you can also download the app from the Chrome Web Store and use it on your desktop. And it ALL syncs seamlessly throughout your devices.

Why we need this

This app can add notes to photographs and set reminders. Ok, for you less imaginative readers, try this. You need to pick up that supplement for your kid but you always forget the name when you’re at the pharmacy. Snap a photo of the bottle, set the reminder for before you get off work (or a location-based reminder for when you arrive at the mall on your way home) and perhaps add a note to say where you thought had it on sale or at what price. See how that could be a game changer?

Oh and you can make the notes in 7 different colors. So there's a way to keep track of what notes require the most attention. Say red for MUST-get-it-done and gray for the if-I-get-time. There’s also a 'list' function that allows you to make shopping or to-do lists and check off each item as you get it done. And when a particular note is done, you can choose to delete it or archive it for future reference.

Time Magazine listed Google Keep among its 50 Best Android Applications for 2013. Then in my search for this article I find this:

Again how did I not discover this before now? If you try this out, do share your thoughts. Like it or hate it, I wanna know. Got a better app to keep up on that to-do list? Let’s talk about it. Till next time, Keep it real. Geddit?

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