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We Like Warm Bodies

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For once I have to say I envy those still living in America. Oh it’s not that I feel they have really anything over us in Singapore. It’s just when I went to look for when the release date for “Warm Bodies” was, I discovered it was already released June 4th on DVD there. No word on when this side of the world will get it.

We saw it awhile back while it was out in theaters. In fact we saw it in Malaysia. For my American audience, I’d describe going to Malaysia for a movie is a lot like going from San Diego, California to Tijuana, Mexico for a fun night. Sure, you could have stayed in your own area, but the exchange rate makes it just so much more affordable.

So have you seen this movie yet? I loved it! I was afraid they had made a zombie movie into a chick flick. I guess that’s kinda what they did; it’s as if a chick flick and a good zombie movie had a child... this is what you would get. But what got me were the modern day references as to how we live. Not much different from a zombie who wanders mindlessly. It has a sort of cult classic sense to it, with its subtle humor and current references to culture.

If you haven't seen it, clearly I recommend you do. It's a Romeo and Juliet-ish movie with a soundtrack full of awesome! Its incredible use of camera angles and special effects are nothing you might expect from a zombie movie. In all, this movie was totally unexpectedly awesome. Oh and once available, I will get this and watch it over and over. It's really just that good.

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