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Wheels In Motion

Sidecars on a motorbike invoke images of an amazing adventure. That is, of course, if you can fit in it properly! My wife and I were given a ride by our buddy James and we each quite naturally have different takes on the experience.

First was my wife's ride. From Chilli Padi’s perspective:
There’s a first time for everything, and this began with putting the helmet on. Getting into the sidecar was a cinch given my petite size, but this proved to come with pros and cons. The positive was obvious - I have lots of legroom! The negative? This also meant that I have lots of space to bounce around in when going over humps and such in the road. I have absolutely no complaints, however, because it was just too much fun! Thanks, James!

Then came my turn:
I was folded and fitting in the best I could, but that wasn't about to put a damper on my first experience in a sidecar. With two cameras on my person I was set to make the very most of it and see what advantages an open-air ride might have. We rode around the Yishun Lower Seletar Reservoir.

By the way, we found what looked like eggs to me. Does anyone know what this is a photo of?

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