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Mayhem And Organization

Mayhem And Organization

I've got a long-time joke with my wife that my motto should be "mayhem everywhere I go" due to my joking nature. An example of this happened just today. A little back story is in order to explain how we got to the point that I utterly confused a cashier.

Ikea had a deal on Christmas trees, discounted if you're a member. Even better, bring the tree back after the season and you get half of the purchase price back in the form of a gift card. Of course we would have troubles bringing the tree back since we don't own a truck, or even a car for that matter. Fortunately, Ikea is only interested in the trees for recycling and it's ok to cut them up into little pieces. So I did, creating two large bags worth of a 7-foot tree.

We got to the store, waited for our number to be called for customer service, and when we walked up to the counter, the cashier asked, "Returning your Christmas tree?" I replied, "Actually I was having trouble assembling this tree I purchased here." This was one of those moments I wish I had a way to secretly record the reaction. Her eyes got big, her brows dropped to indicate she was completely confused and all that came out of her mouth was "Whaaa...?"

"No, you were right, I’m just returning the tree," I added, grinning.

"Oh phew. Hehe," she chuckled a little as she relaxed.

I'm sure some point later on she will joke with friends about this silly little incident as it must have been quite unusual. I just like how it makes people smile and breaks up what could be such a monotonous job.

awol, chilli padi and the god of wealth
As we were wandering through the store, the God of Wealth hooked us up with some gold-foiled chocolate coins. Yummm!

So we shopped with our parents and got some things needed around the house, then dropped it all off at home before going for dinner and once we returned, I went to work. I put the photos in the frames that needed to go up on the walls. Photos that weren't organized went into storage boxes we had purchased. The bag holder was secured in the storeroom where it would keep things organized. And the stuff for the kitchen was all put away.

That's when it hit me. Why I might be opposed to doing all the work right away. You see, I had felt a sense of accomplishment in getting the things we needed, but within an hour, all those things are in places that look as though they had always been there. All the work done and you can barely tell anything happened. What was there to show for the scrutinizing over just what to buy. What showed the careful planning on how to best store these items.

Well, I guess it's for the best and I can work on what is the next thing that has to be picked up to make the house a better place.

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