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Rolling Through East Coast Parkway

waiting for the train
Here I was, waiting on the train to get me to the southeast end of the island.

brown stuff

Started the day off with one of my favorite lunches kindly referred to as 'brown stuff'. It's kinda like 'lor mee', but not quite. The cheerful Chinese couple at the stall simply ask me: "Same?" I nod and head for a table to enjoy.

At some point, it dawned on me that my intentions to bring a camera were ruined because leaving the house before having a coffee meant I wasn't awake enough to remember to take the battery for the camera off the charger. So all the photos here were taken with my phone.

East Coast Park is a great place to get out to. There are pathways for walking and separate ones for biking or rollerblading (though you get the occasional idiot or two walking in the bike path), so basically I stayed to the fast lane to skate. Mine is a longboard, so it’s not really made for doing tricks in the skate park bowl that can be found at one part of this park. Nope, mine is more of a cruiser and cruise I did.

board n nature

Got to the southwest end of the park in what felt like no time. Didn't know what to do next since I had considered heading towards the Benjamin Sheares bridge and towards the city to be able to catch up with friends later on. So I made a bench to sit on from this tree root that was rather raised and used my board to give me a seat since there wasn't one in sight.

board graphics look like nature

I'm sure the graphic design on the board was meant to depict the beauty of nature. Well, it was looking like my surroundings to me, so I took a moment to get a photo. Mind you, holding up a longboard in one hand and my phone in the other trying to get a clean shot wasn't easy. So anyhow, at this point I'm headed back the way I came since I'm way early and there is so much more of the park to see. Besides there was a bus I could grab from the other end of the park (or so I had heard).

abec 11 green, beach

The day was beautiful. The cool breeze off the sea along with the partly cloudy sky made it a joy to be out. This photo was taken during a random break I took.


Took another break to see the boarders on the water down at SKI360. It's a cable tow wakeboarding lagoon that's one of a kind here in Singapore. It looks like a lot of fun and perhaps I'll have a go at this one day.


After I got home, Google tells me they 'auto-awesomed' a photo of mine and yeah, I like it. You can see others out enjoying the day on paddle boards and kite surfing. East Coast Park has lots of fun stuff to do and once I get my skateboard all tuned up, I'll be heading back there to do it again!

Special thanks to Longboard Love who helped me get the right wheels and set my board up for pumping.

And a shout out to LandYachtz, you made my next deck!

Oh and thanks to High Sierra for keeping me hydrated.

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