Easter Eggs

Some kids look forward to Easter for the candy and eggs left from some bunny with insane skills. Not us! We looked forward to a free night to do some imaginative photography. Not just ordinary photography either, oh no.

We were after steel wool photography after a long lapse of not having gone out for spark throwing. Our plan was to capture the sparks and excitement during the sunset or at least the blue hour that follows. But a late start was going to have us scramble.

We stopped at a nearby market to grab the steel wool needed for the nights shoots; trouble was they were out. Then we ran off to do an errand and then it was off from shop to shop looking. It was like the entire island had sold out. Oh we did manage to find a packet in a DIY store in Punggol at $32 a package!! We were about to give up when our pal Vincent suddenly recalled that after our last outing we may have had some left over. We checked the boot (trunk) of the car and sure enough there was a package. Phew!

With the blue hour winding down we had to hurry if we were to get any photos that still had evening color. Of course there is the required setup time and getting cameras ready and on tripods because after all this is long exposure photography. Next, set up the steel wool to have at the ready and then design the shoot. Ya as you can tell it was dark before the first shot went off. My camera settings were all way off and I was disappointed with most everything I took.

I’m sure there are lots of morals to be taken from this story. Like about preparation, or something. I don’t know. We still had an awesome time nonetheless. Can't wait for the next time!

Our pal Vincent found this egg out on the lawn and was kind enough to share it with us!

Vincent also captured this wormhole effect rather well.

But i think the shot of the night goes to my wife.

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