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Friday Night o’ Lights

Friday night we had some great fun with friends. Unlike those looking to get drunk on a weekend, we decided to make art. We dragged out our cameras, LED lights, sparklers and some other odds and ends. We didn’t have to go far to find a location with muted lighting and the chance to be silly. I’m sure there were a few locals who watched us while just enjoying the quiet evening, with a bit of wonderment as to what we were up to. That didn’t stop us! We played for ages looking to see what sort of things we could come up with. This was no place for the steel wool though so we kept it to other safer things.

Our first backdrop was a play area in Yishun Park, with interesting logs sticking out of the ground. Our model is Ivy Maya and here she is playing with sparklers. Our two cameras capture different angles of her spirally fun.

Then she doubles the excitement. In the post-processing, I try out cool new effects to match.

Then we move on to LED lights. Ivy goes rodeo style!

After playing awhile, we decide to explore greener pastures. This takes us over to the now-deserted tennis courts nestled within the park. This time, Ivy calls upon her inner being and our cameras capture her beautiful aura in motion...

Bringing Geaims into the picture, we have our cuddly couple ensconced in colourful light patterns.

It was definitely a fun evening, and I’m sure it won’t be our last. Keep an eye out for the next time we get up to shenanigans with Ivy and Geaims. In the meantime, we leave you with a gallery of the other fun shots captured that night.

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