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Sparks Fly!

What happens when an accomplished photographer gets together with AWOL for a nighttime shoot? Sparks fly! No, not in the traditional sense suggesting that there was a fight. I mean that quite literally, sparks were flying!

In a very remote, dark location, we set up to capture some steel wool photography, so our cousin Nick (a.k.a. Nicholas Lee of PicNick ) could get an idea of what it’s about, so as to facilitate an upcoming class on night photography that he is giving. Thinking it was just a quick demo to show how far back one (and camera) must stand to be safe, I didn’t bring a ton of materials. Having only enough steel wool for eight fiery sessions, it turns out we used ‘em all and perhaps would have done more if only we had more.

So for this shoot, Nick and I, with the help of our wives, teamed up on a secluded beach filled with sandflies and mozzies (mosquitoes). Not really our intent, but it had seemed like a nice dark place to try out some photography. Oh course in hindsight, we might have chosen differently as I’ve been hearing about the bites for days now :p

So here we have a gallery of my photos from that night last week. Shooting with my trusty Olympus E-PM1 and a UV filter to keep my lens safe from any molten metal that was flying around. It’s really more about location and a creative mind that makes up these photos. Sure, a good camera and something as exciting as sparks should make for an interesting photo, but from both of our photos I hope you can tell there was a lot that went into the planning of how to set up the shot to make it as interesting as possible.

This is a gallery of Nick’ photos. You can perhaps tell he’s the professional photographer with his Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a great knack for setting up the cool angles. So after my ‘lessons’ in steel wool photography, I think Nick came away with the idea of just how much fun this can be. I know it’s opened me up to some new ideas that I can’t wait to get out again and try and I look forward to our future collaborations.

As always I hope you will be safe with your photography, and if you have any questions leave em in the comments section and I’ll get back to you with answers as soon as I can.

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