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Quick! To The Tiger-mobile!

I really could have used the ride to return home and get the memory card for my camera that I had left behind. I made do with the smaller card from my wife's camera but when you shoot in raw with three exposure images per photo, well, you need a lot of space on your card and this limitation proved to be a bit of an issue.

This 'Tiger Mobile’ is just one of the many amazing things one will find in Haw Par Villa, a park made by the maker of Tiger Balm. It was a personal project from the company's founder to teach Chinese values. It was built in 1937 and renovations were last made in 1994. Most everything shows that it's an aged and somewhat neglected park.
Haw Par Villa
Tiger Balm figure aged

But overall I was overwhelmed by how amazing this park was. Despite the 100-plus photos I took, I found that I really needed quite a few more if I was to do this park justice. I had gone after being told of the Ten Courts of Hell, which features gruesome depictions of what hell is in Chinese mythology and Buddhism. Thinking this was all there really was, I really wasn't prepared for what I found. There were statues and dioramas of scenes from Chinese lore through the ages. Of course there were things that we couldn't figure out…. Like this next image, for example.
Har Par Villa bizarre statues

Then there were things we could recognize like this statue of the Goddess of Mercy. And that’s the Buddha you can see behind her.
Goddess of Mercy and Buddha

The park is free to enter and I will seriously be looking to go back to try and get the stories behind all the depicted scenes and attempt to give the sort of attention to this park that I feel it deserves. If you happen to be living in Singapore or just visiting, you should stop by here and make sure you have your camera ready (complete with a large memory card that you didn't forget to bring with you), and simply take the train to the Haw Par Villa MRT station on the Circle Line. Ya, it's right outside the station exit and the train platform even has this cool image of the park.
Haw Par Villa MRT station

So bookmark my page or like the linkFacebook page to keep updated as I will be going back to get the most I can from this amazing place. Before I leave you, I'll give ya one more ‘WTF’ photo I took as I have no idea what the story for this was supposed to be. Any thoughts or ideas, feel free to leave a comment.

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