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A New Spin On Things

Being interested in cameras has led me on many a fascinating journey. Now I'm learning not from a newer technology, but a perhaps older one. A pinhole lens is on loan to me from a fellow photographer and I have to admit I'm loving it.

Though it's difficult for me to gauge the shutter speed as well as deciding on the right ISO settings, I find that a little trial and error works. There is no focus or worries about depth of field as the lens is basically a f/97 (f/128 on the outer parts, but the center would be over-exposed). Oh and it gives a wide angle, very wide, in fact! It's 80 degrees, to be exact, and for not using optics to achieve it, this is something cool indeed. It can be done because of the fact that my mirrorless camera can allow the pinhole opening to be quite close to the sensor.

Now I know the photos here aren't going to win any awards or anything, but the experience has been both fun and educational so far. More to follow!

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