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Day One of our Trip to Cameron Highlands

So if you have been following our Facebook page, you know we have just returned from Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. It was a beautiful trip that we enjoyed very much, with one of the best perks being the cool mountain air. But with over 2000 photos taken it will take me a bit to sort out the better ones and process the HDR photos.

The drive up was seriously all twists and turns up and through the mountains. There was a spot that we just had to stop at, get out and take pictures, as there was a waterfall and a series of shacks selling souvenirs.
When I saw that there was a series of stairs leading up to the top of the falls, I couldn’t resist. And here are the results:
Awol at Cameron Highlands waterfall
Awol at Cameron Highlands waterfall

We had left Singapore around 3 a.m., and by the time we got to Cameron we were quite tired and made a stop at the hotel’s restaurant for a bite to eat and a refreshing fresh strawberry milkshake while we waited to check in.
strawberry milkshake at Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands

We stayed at the very nice Copthorne Hotel. A 4-star hotel that boasts being perched 1,628 metres above sea level with a panoramic view of serene mountains and lush valleys. It really was a great place.
Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands

Then we got to our room and checked out the view! Turns out they had kindly given us a free upgrade to their newly renovated superior rooms on the top floor of the hotel, which meant we had a bathtub, private balcony and accompanying picturesque view.
looking out from Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands
looking out from Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands
looking out from Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands

After taking a short rest in the room, we headed out to scout out a good place for dinner and found a little coffeeshop in the middle of the little town of Brinchang that is known for its charcoal steamboat. Look at the height of that chimney!
charcoal steamboat at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

We also had the pleasure of meeting the cutest and sweetest black puppy who hangs out around the coffeeshops on that street, hoping for some yummy handouts. Well, she got lucky that night because our buddy Vincent actually bought a whole takeout meal just for her.
stray black puppy at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Looking forward to sorting out the rest of the pics soon and explaining in more detail what makes Cameron so special.

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