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Cameron Highlands Day 2: Halfway Up

Before the day was over, our goal was to visit some mountain (Chilli Padi interjects: It was called Gunung Brinchang. ‘Gunung’ means mountain in Malay) and see what the car ride up was like because while it was some sort of famed lookout point and a place to shoot sunrises, it was also known to be challenging to get to. It turned out to be more daunting than we cared for, with huge drop-offs and a winding road so narrow that there wouldn't be room if a car was coming down while we were going up.

So midway through that adventure, as the afternoon sun began to wane, we called it quits and had fun looking over another of Boh's tea plantations instead. By the way, you may notice the evening fog was rolling in, ruining any hopes we might have had of getting a good sunset photo, or even one with a blue sky.

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