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Cameron Highlands Day 2: Bee Farm

So we stopped at a bee farm later that day, not long after our visit to the flower nursery. Not a ton of photos taken here but it was a fun part of the day that I didn't intend to overlook. The best bit was the lady-in-charge who played me and my buddy into thinking we could be covered in bees. I was all ready to go and he said if I did it he would too. So we were all rarin’ to go, like, “Lead us to some bees!” Turned out she was only pulling our legs, that you needed to make a prior appointment and have trained staff present.

On a side note, it seems that this and the other bee farms of Cameron Highlands make a large part of their earnings by providing what the local commercial farmers need; that is, bees to pollinate the crops. Makes sense, since the plantations take up a vast majority of the other side of the mountains. The bees make the trip, do their work and provide a modest income for the people that care for them.

Residual income also comes from the sale of bee products like honey, honey wax and other bee-themed merchandise. Which reminds me, it’s time to break into that bottle of yummy looking honey we bought!

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