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Otter-ly Amazing

Every day is filled with moments. Most of those moments are clearly forgettable. Like our times at work or perhaps a bike ride. Well, that is unless you're riding your bike in a fairly unpopulated area and stumble across some incredibly cute otters. That's what made our bike ride last Sunday simply unforgettable! Otters aren't endangered, but they are on the threatened list; this makes the chance of seeing them in the wild far more unlikely. Yet some how we managed to find a family frolicking up on the shores of a water reservoir.

Now I'm not fooled into thinking these images are spectacular or anything. Yet when I've shown them to our friends around here, they are all in disbelief that otters can be found here in Singapore, apart from in the zoo, of course. And yet I have the proof! While you can easily find better quality photos of otters in a simple Google image search, these represent the ones the wife and I actually saw up close and personal, which makes them extra special.

It sorta represents how getting out and exploring leads to new discoveries and I have no doubt that had I been carrying a better camera that the shots would have been far sharper. So if anyone over at Canon, Nikon, Olympus or even Samsung is reading this, I'm open for sponsorship and will tote your product all over this often surprising little red dot and beyond.

By the way this comes as a bit of an afterthought, but it's these moments that remind me why we must make a conscious effort to protect the environment. Even just keeping trash out of the waterways will help ensure that chance encounters like these can happen long into our future. Provided we take care of our surroundings and are mindful of how our actions can impact those who can't speak up against what's harmful to them.

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