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Cameron Highlands Day 4: The Ride Home

Hey, gang! Remember all those posts about our Cameron trip? Well, it looks like I never finished the job. My new project to clear out my computer has revealed even more photos.

So there we were on our last day and supposed to be heading home. But the cool air and sense of adventure hadn't left us just yet. So after a last sprawl on our comfy hotel bed, we took one final look at the hotel we had stayed in, and the gorgeous flowers in its surrounds, then headed to a strawberry farm for a leisurely breakfast of strawberry everything. Then it was time to hit the road for more adventure.

Instead of taking the return route of the one we took on the way up, we headed for a city called Ipoh because 1) it was different than just taking a freeway back, and 2) we heard they have really good chicken rice. (I can't really explain what's the big deal about chicken rice. It's rice cooked with chicken broth and served with chicken. It's good and all, but here people really love themselves some good chicken rice!)

So on the way we see roadside shops that are so like shacks that I'd have to guess these people live there. They were selling things like tongkat ali, a root that’s supposed to make one’s dick hard (nope, didn't get any) and a few other odd things. Really not much, considering. But the one thing that they were selling which caught my eye were orchids. The same orchids I'd been seeing growing along the roadside everywhere in Cameron! These people had picked a flower that grows like a weed and were selling it to the tourists that had driven up. Clever!

Further down towards Ipoh we began to notice many cliffs, some with caves and disappointingly more being excavated for the stone. Then we saw carved into the cliffs, temples. We had to stop. It was so amazingly impressive. (Please note that some photos were taken in portrait to show the surroundings better; these will be marked in the comments when you mouse over the photos and if you click on the photo, a window with the full image will appear. Hope that helps those who don't quite get this new image gallery that I'm using.)

Made it to Ipoh, enjoyed our dinner and looked around a bit. Found a place selling tit bits… Hummmm (didn't bother to try any, lol)
A little look around and you could clearly see we weren't in Singapore.

Fed and fueled, we headed back towards Singapore. There was one other thing, though. We would be passing near Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. I asked what side of the road might we catch a glimpse of the famous Petronas Twin Towers. Answer: "no idea". So we watched for it. Then well into the night, we stopped for a second and managed to get this photo.

I think my good friend could see the disappointment on my face, as given the distance and without much zoom on my camera, I wasn't getting a shot like I would have liked. So guess where we were off to next?

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