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Opportunities And Chance Occurrences

We had gone to Lower Seletar Reservoir in hopes of getting some sunset photos. By the time we got there it seemed that the clouds moving in might not only spoil the chance for a nice sunset, but might even rain on our parade.

For some, I suppose that would mean turning around and heading back. Not us! We saw a guy playing with a remote-controlled speed boat and took the opportunity to try and shoot something fast-moving in a lighting condition that was less than optimal. It's these rare chance occurrences that can offer experience to an amateur photographer that shouldn't be missed. It wasn't super important to get that one shot, so there was time to play and see what could be photographed and to test what were the best ways of getting it.

I have no way to quantify how much I learned, or how much fun I had. I can only say I'm glad I stayed.

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