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Tonight was extraordinary. I was hoping to get out and sort of sweat out whatever it is that's been ailing me since the wife and my bike ride last Sunday night. That was where we covered a large area of the west side of Singapore, about 50 km. After that ride I lost my voice and got an upper respiratory infection. So today, feeling better we ventured off to Punggol, yes, PUNGGOL! (sorry, it’s an inside joke some close friends will get).

So we stopped at a bike shop located within the Sengkang Sports Complex along the Sengkang Riverside Park, met some great people, had a few laughs and got the bike tuned up. After which, we headed up towards a spot called Sunset Bridge. We found a nice place to set up to get a few sunset photos and I played the uke while we were killing time. We were also thoroughly entertained by the wildlife, with fascinating moments like seeing a dragonfly ‘smack’ a stationary snail - it was laying its eggs on the algae-encrusted shell!

Overall, good times. Then the sunset was awesome; we took photos while the pretty golden light lasted and once we figured the show was over, packed up to head for home. If only it were so simple. We didn't get far when I realised there was something wrong with the bike. A quick check and I found the problem. The front tire was nearly flat. Fortunately a couple weeks ago we had the forethought to buy ourselves a pocket-sized pump since we like to ride so far from where we might find things like a service station. This would have been one of those times. We may have been 15 km from a shop (though there may have been one closer, but we only know the park connectors and not the roads in the area, so hard telling). So I inflated the tire and once I had finished, we looked up to discover the sky wasn't done with the light show and the clouds were glowing pink! Could we have been delayed to make sure we didn't miss the grand finale?

Being ever so humble, I took my photos, saying a bit of praise to the grand designer who managed to keep us around so as not to miss the beautiful display, before we headed off once again. Then as if to reward us further, we were in for another beautiful surprise. A pair of otters playing by the side of the water. My awwwww reaction to seeing them startled them and had them looking directly at us. They made gestures like they either wanted us to come down and play or were asking for food. Whatever it was appeared more like a cute dance! Then one signaled the other - with cute squeals, no less - and they slipped into the water and swam away.

I'm glad there are days like these to remind me how wonderful life is and that I have a beautiful wife to share them with.

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