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Why I'm Not In The USA

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I was asked recently why I'm not in the USA. I find this almost amusing. There wasn't much there keeping me from wanting to live out my life with the woman I love, other than my son. My desire to be that guiding fatherly figure and to make him happy even caused me to make some bad decisions, including an effort to make things work with my ex-wife. In the end there were a lot of promises broken and I had a son who told me he wanted me gone because I had gotten myself a passport. I asked him if he was sure that this was what he wanted since I had nowhere to go and would be homeless. Yes, he wanted me gone. So I left. Did I not feel hurt?

There were choices to be made like to wait and see if I could be accepted into the Peace Corps or take the chance with the woman I had loved so much over the previous three years. I knew leaving everything I had known before and having to adjust to a new culture would have its challenges. But I also knew that I would have love above all. So I accepted both the idea of leaving the country of my birth and my ex-wife’s offer of walking away free from child support, provided I didn't come back into my son's life. Since he clearly didn't want me there, it proved to be an easier decision. He even chose to not have me visit on my last weekend of being in the area in lieu of going out to purchase a headset for his Xbox. I'm now supposed to feel bad for him?

I guess it was some months after I’d moved to Singapore that my bank account took a hit that I couldn’t explain. I had lost a considerable amount of money to an Xbox account. After looking into it, I found that by helping my son to have his own account previously, I had left the door open for him to basically commit credit card fraud as he helped himself to a number of purchases. Should I give a would-be thief any of my time?

Time passed and just weeks ago, I get nasty messages calling the woman I love horrible names, followed shortly after by a request for money. These originated from social media accounts in my son’s name that may or not in fact have been him. (My skepticism stems from having fallen for a setup before where I thought my son was messaging me, but it wasn't more than a trap to hurt my feelings.)

Who in their right mind treats a person like crap then asks for favors?

So now even more messages are pouring in. Oh and for the love of God, whoever is writing these, please learn to use punctuation!

And proper nouns like your name get capitalized. What the hell are they teaching kids these days? Do they no longer take pride in their given name? I certainly took pride in giving him his.

So why am I not in the USA? Because I am happy here. I enjoy where I live and have learned that the culture here is superior to the one I left. I have a wife who loves me and I couldn't uproot her and take her to the USA when there is nothing there for either of us. I don't think that I'll ever be going back to the Detroit area. So if my son reads this, here is a countdown of the number of days until you may contact me.

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