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Corporations Vs. The People Of The USA

Ever feel that the cards were stacked against you and it was difficult getting ahead in the USA? Perhaps you may also feel that the big companies are buying up laws that benefit them and not the people of the country? Did you think this was a rather new phenomenon? Well, it's not. In fact it's been worked into the system for quite some time and is only getting worse. Watch this video and I'll attempt to explain real effects as to how this relates to the people.

Now being from Michigan, I can say that the roads are bad there. Often it's been pointed out that part of the cause is due to the fact that Michigan permits trucks up to 164,000 pounds on the roads. They have a complicated system of how that number is reached based on weight per axle which more evenly distributes the load. Now say the State wanted to cut that overall weight in half in hopes of making the roads less damaging to the cars people like you and me might be driving. The companies who were doing the hauling can sue for the profit loss because they would need now twice the number of drivers. That would come from your tax dollars, so either way you're paying for this condition. But it wouldn't be limited to just the haulers that could sue. What about those tire shops who make money from our flats and bent rims? Improving the roads by passing a law could give them room to sue for their profit loss. Towing services, car service centers, front end alignment, etc…all these people make a profit at our expense due to the way things are and the government would have to pay up should we change things for the betterment of the people.

Now that’s just one example of how your life isn't going to get any better any time soon. Then of course the idea that these corporations can contribute to the elections to their hearts’ content shows that as they grow, their interests will trump our voices and things will only get worse.

So these corporations are giving us jobs and benefits, right? So as long as they can grow we all benefit, right? Well, that all depends. Remember Whirlpool Corporation, founded in 1900, in Benton Harbor? The headquarters is still there but the manufacturing has moved to Mexico. Or the GM factories that were in Flint, MI. Also all gone. Now you might want to blame the unions for those and I'd agree that they were part of the cause. I worked with many of the people who lost their jobs when GM left Flint. They had to drive more than an hour to find work in Rochester, MI and get a starting wage of $7.35 per hour, a far cry from the $20+ per hour they had demanded must be raised in order to keep their homes, cars and feed their families. But let’s face it - if the grass is greener elsewhere and more profits can be made by finding workers willing to take lower wages, then they will leave regardless.

Even if they stay, there isn't any assurance that they will pay their share of taxes. Apple has been a corporation that has dominated in its earnings and when asked how it got away with paying so little in taxes in a hearing about offshore tax shelters at the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, chided Congress for holding the hearing and told Apple CEO Tim Cook he deserves an apology. Don't believe me?

So this is how the American leadership thinks? Great. Once the corporations have bled the country dry and have moved off to the greener pastures, who's going to look after the people?

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