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Nice Weekend

I had what I'd call a wonderful weekend, despite the lack of photos that I'd normally use to enrich my posts here.

It started Saturday morning with a family brunch made by none other than myself. A traditional breakfast from my childhood. French toast. My wife’s parents even showed enthusiasm as I got to work in the kitchen. For once it wasn't my mother-in-law having to do the cooking. I cooked for the parents first and before I finished cooking for my wife, they were already asking for more! Four slices each! I guess they really liked it as this seemed to be more than one might expect them to eat. Even my wife ate three and of course I pigged out with five pieces.

It had been years since I last made French toast as a family thing and I was making up for all that lost time. I enjoyed cinnamon and sugar the way my father used to take his. Looking back at my childhood, a morning of French toast was a Sunday thing, provided we weren't attending church. So if church had taught me anything about prayer, it was that we stayed home and enjoyed a family breakfast together. (Besides, there were cartoons on Sundays too, like Speed Racer. So that was even more incentive.)

Feeling stuffed, we made our way out to Bukit Brown Cemetery for a guided tour. For anyone unfamiliar to the cemetery, it's steeped in history from when Singapore was first settled and is about to be bulldozed to make way first for a freeway, then the rest will be used for housing. This land is beautiful rolling hills, many of which are quite tall and overlook a vast part of Singapore. The reason this prime bit of land was used as a cemetery was due to an old Chinese belief based on the idea that each person may live on this earth for a few decades, but should spend the rest of eternity in the best place possible. At least that was what I learned.

It was fascinating to learn how the culture back then differed from what it is today. Much of the focus on Singapore's history revolved around the time it gained its independence in 1965. But here we were learning about a time long before then and who the people were who first shaped this country, going as far back as the 1800s. I have intentions to go back and get photographs to share here as well as going on a few more tours of the grounds, both because it's not just damn interesting but also as it may be lost soon and this is my only way to preserve a bit of this fascinating history.

Sunday turned into a day of resting after all the walking and exploring. Despite that not sounding exciting, it was exactly what was needed and made for a nice quiet end to a wonderful weekend.

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