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Labrador Retrievers!

Our day started out with some corny jokes. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep from a late night after the New Year’s Eve celebrations, but it started with how the life of a soda straw sucks and how it was better to be an elevator because it has its ups and downs. Yeah, I know.

Then remember last year when I talked about our New Year photos tradition? Well, despite what looked like threatening weather this time, we ventured out to Labrador Nature Reserve and I came up with yet another corny joke, saying that if we were going to this park to get photos and returning home with them, would that make us Labrador retrievers? Ok so I find humor where perhaps it's best left alone.

Well, the weather turned out to be just fine and we had a great time exploring this historical spot and getting photos. I love this little tradition of ours and had been looking forward to it for quite some time. Now I look forward to our next one. 364 days to go.

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