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You Readers Could Be Making a Difference

There is an aspect of being an aspiring writer for this blog that I hadn't anticipated is now sorta bothering me. Before I explain exactly what that is, let me just say I am still enjoying the experience and look forward to more discoveries that I can share.

Now I'm not delusional and think all my writing is gold. There are times that I just throw some text together for the sake of posting an image I've taken or some event that I enjoyed and wanted to talk about. However there are times I dig deep and work for days on an article that I know comes from the heart and has all the elements of something beyond what I typically consider myself capable of coming up with. I'd even go so far as to say it's pretty good.

So the problem?

Well, I got one ‘Like’ for my recent post Awol and a Message of Faith and that was it. No comments on it either, whether on my Facebook page or on the post itself. Not that this is some contest of how many ‘shares’ or ‘likes’ or ‘plusses’ I get, or that I'm an ego-driven attention-seeking whore. On the other hand I posted an image:
And poof, it got several likes! Hell, a photo of the wife and me got more than 40 ‘likes’ in a day. There wasn't much thought behind that at all; we just smiled!

Now this is where you the readers could be making a difference. You see, every day you’re changing the world and you don't even realize it. Ever consider how one trains a dog? You reward the behavior you like, scold for the acts that you don't and mostly ignore the rest. Perhaps that's why we see a decline in decent thought-provoking posts for just about anyone on Facebook and get bombarded with stuff like cute photos with a quote. Sadly, it's leading to a trend of comments that say "TLDR" (Too Long, Didn't Read). Consider where this leads, people. Who would be inspired to write great novels in a society that wants its thoughts written in ten words or less? Who will be the leaders and who will be left behind when so many people’s attention spans become mush. Yeah, it will only be those who read that will even have the sight to make the blurbs for the rest of you. And we might not even bother to share the better-explained thoughts because after all, a paragraph? TLDR!"

So, just to be sure I wasn't deluding myself, I decided to ask a pro to critique my work and called upon Amy Gabriel of Sassifiable. Her words? ”The Dumbo analogy is lovely 😃 inspiring and thought provoking.” Now that's motivation! I was filled with pride and inspired to write this post as a result.

And lucky for me, and you, my readers who do actually take the time to read my work, Amy has agreed to do a guest post. So please be sure to welcome her with warm word of encouragement and perhaps she will grace us with more than just one.

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