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Don't Nobody Want that!

Ok, this post is going to be a little vague deliberately to keep myself out of some hot water. I read a post that used this image:

I threw in my two cents’ worth, partly being a smartass and partly because it's true that I feel not all people should go around wearing the minimal amount of clothing required. The very aged whose skin rolls over the strings of a bikini, or the really big... Like I seriously wouldn't want to see Honey Boo Boo's mom in one either, would you? And the phrase I had used was “it would make my eyes bleed”.

Now it didn't stop there, because I was told how wrong I was and then a separate post was made about men who are holding women back with comments of how their eyes bleed (obviously paraphrasing my words) and how women should just do as they please.

Now I'm the kinda guy who doesn't let things rest when I know I have a valid point and when someone is saying things that might seem valid to an extent but in the big scheme of things simply isn't adequate. So in that person’s subsequent posts urging people to get out and work on their glutes to get nice, tight butts, I chimed in that girls with flat butts can wear a bikini too. Haha, ok, that didn't provoke much of a response other than yes, I was right but perhaps a round butt was better. So I felt that I still hadn't proved my point, that perhaps some things are better and worth working for or better not shown otherwise.

At this point, I think I should throw in a disclaimer. The unfortunate part about the whole argument is mostly that I do like the person at the other end of it and had no intention of making it personal. I was truly just debating the issue at hand and do so all the time. Just ask my wife!

Anyhow, more recently I saw that same person post this:

Surely the irony was undeniable. And when I said it was funny, I wasn't saying ‘funny ha ha’ - I really meant that it was ironic. The part about this that really gets my goat is that the videos being referred to require you to actually play them to ‘enjoy’ them (which means you can also stop at any moment), as opposed to encouraging people to go out in public in attire that may not flatter certain body types. Besides, parents may have recorded those for their family to cherish. So give me a break.

Now, before the hate mail rolls in... I don't feel the current acceptance of what is considered a bikini body is fair. Clearly women who are bigger than a size 0 have just as much to show off. In fact, I personally consider some flesh to be more eye candy than the stick thin. I also agree that men too need to be conscious about attire and for god’s sake, hide what shouldn't be shown. For example, calling your belly a tool shed that keeps your junk dry in a rainstorm does not make it something to be proud of. Wearing tiny, semi-translucent running shorts while going commando is another WTF!?! No one wants to see that! Oh and the plumbers’ thing... just like the drug, say no to crack!

I'll just leave this here as an ironic joke:

There, I've vented. What are the things you would much rather not see or hear? Leave your comments below.

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