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Are You Hungry?


I found this trailer for a movie online and it speaks so much of what I've believed for a while now.

People who can't afford a decent meal are simply not being looked after like they should be. The argument goes that someone has seen another person in a nice car using food stamps and their thoughts go along the lines of how they must be cheating the system. It never occurs to them that even you could simply find yourself without a job overnight and then what? Should you be expected to sell your car before you receive help? What if they had to borrow a car from a neighbor or family to get out to get the food or to head to the government office? Since their neighbors have a car, should it become their responsibility to feed the poor family instead?

Ok, my questions are obvious attempts to show that there may be another side to this. I also believe these possibilities are real. I'm also not so naive as to think there aren't people who do cheat the system. After all, just look at the politicians if you want examples of people exploiting government policy loopholes. But for anyone who thinks that the cut made to the food assistance program is justified by a few abusing the system…

Personally, I've lived in the USA, worked and paid my taxes, and would much rather have those tax dollars going to feed some lazy person provided it also pays for the handicapped, the sick and other misfortunate ones, as opposed to financing wars that seem to have had no benefit to the nation’s security or any other tangible purpose than to make a company very rich off a no-bid contract that just happened to have connections to the vice president when that war started. Hardly rocket science, people. Hell, the US gives more out to other countries in foreign aid than it would take to feed the people at home properly.

Here is a link to get a copy of the movie
A Place at the Table. Hope it motivates people to making change in America.

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