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Words Of Wisdom

I've been thinking about words of wisdom for quite some time now. I think it started when I was a teenager and realised I wanted to pass on what I had learned (or would learn) to my child should I have one someday. Well, years have since passed and I do have a few things I'd pass on to anyone who cares to read.

1. You were born on Planet Earth. Not just some small town. So get out and explore. Life can get real comfortable in that little area you call home, but there is so much more out there and besides, how can you possibly know where you want to live out your days without doing some exploration first?

2. Great, now you're a traveling individual, but how to record your adventures? Take up photography! Photos will show where you have been and the people who mattered most along the way. You will be able to look back at times that were great or even not so great. This little hobby doesn't require some state-of-the-art camera; it just takes learning how and continuing to try.

3. Good shoes! You're on the go, you’re looking to get awesome photos, but getting around will be far easier if you have decent footwear. There are other things you could skimp on, but your feet are what get you around so don't go all cheap there. I'd recommend a pair of Dr Martens, for starters. Heck, they have a "For Life" range that guarantee to replace your shoes if you should manage to wear ‘em out. Now how are you going to beat that?

4. Learn to play music. Between all the rest of that awesome life you’re now having with the travel, photography and podiatric comfort, you will have times where a ukulele, harmonica or guitar will just make you feel better. It brings friends together and provides great entertainment where there was none. It's even something that will draw total strangers to you.

5. Now here is an important one. Stay positive. Look for the beauty in life. These things will keep your spirit up and make your life awesome. It's easy to fall into a rut and see the world for its faults, but it's also just as easy to overlook the faults, find the good in the world and be uplifted by the experience.

6. Remember, life isn't a competition, it's a journey to be enjoyed. Other people’s lives may seem glamorous and wanting to work towards that may seem acceptable. But never forget what you truly want from life. Too often, people see something and work so hard to get that one thing that life passes them by and by the time they acquire their goal, it's too late to get back the years they squandered. Worse of all, they may even realise the goal wasn't even fulfilling as they had thought it would be. Sometimes, the journey IS the destination.

7. Learn to tie at least some good basic knots. In your travels through life, you will be surprised how this one simple little thing can really help you, or if you don't know how to do it properly, let you down. You don't really need a book like The Ashley Book of Knots, but hey, it didn't hurt me. 8. Being alone can really feel bad. But settling for the wrong person is worse. Not only will this not bring you joy, but may prevent you from being with that perfect someone who came along but you were already in a relationship…

Ok, so there's my list for now. I'm sure I've learned more and will continue to as I go through my own life journey, but this makes for a good start and it opens talk for what have you to share as what you think are valuable words of wisdom.

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