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Ideas Worth Exporting

If you're a regular reader of my page, you already know that I have discovered many things here in Singapore that I would consider to be better than in the US. It's really not that I hate the US, it's just they don't seem to be looking out for interests that I think might help them to improve. So I'm going to start a segment here called 'Ideas Worth Exporting' where we can talk about these ideas and how they make sense and perhaps get a dialogue started.

So this review starts with a brochure that was put out by the NTUC. For those who don't know, NTUC is the National Trades Union Congress. A national confederation of trade unions in the industrial, service and public sectors in Singapore. Now I don't think the US has an equivalent; I mean we had unions, but nothing at a national level to coordinate across the board.

I think much faster than I type, so the wife suggested I record myself instead. So here, I present my video:

Ok, so the exact number that one has to learn less than is $1,900 per month or $22,800 a year, so it’s still accurate at less than $23k, but I say this for the creeps and we know there will be those who will say I didn't get all the facts right.

I learned after that my wife might have been suggesting that I record for the purpose of writing my thoughts out after, but hey, I like it and it adds to the audience and attention these ideas might bring. I welcome your comments and hope you will keep it constructive. We have lots to learn from each other and that's something I look forward to.

Progressive Wage Model brochure
NTUC media release
Channel NewsAsia article

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