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Three Years Already

This is a late post due to the fact I've been quite busy. On May 7th I celebrated my third year of being in Singapore, together with my wife and a couple of close friends. It's really hard to imagine that it's been three years that I've been in this country. I'm feeling really blessed to be here and to have learned so much.

Looking back, here was a video of my first day here.

Seems like forever ago and every day since has been great! So much has happened in these last three years. Got married, became more aware of Chinese culture. I've lost about 10 kg, and quit smoking (again). Became interested in learning to play music. Gained five ukuleles so far (with two more on the way). Rebuilt this site at least a couple of times. But mostly found how to be happy. Life is short, too short to worry about pleasing everyone. Too short to keep trying to live up to others’ expectations while not looking to fulfill your dreams.

I love the life I have here and will continue to make all the effort I can to make what time in this world I have left as great as these last three years have been.

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